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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experience the AirAsia wide variety of delicious inflight foods

Certainly when doing travel plans, there's a lot of destinations I want to visit, both in and out of the country but first, get into the essentials like where to stay, what to eat, what airline to choose and how I can save a lot on booking at low-cost airlines that still provide options to include meals on the airline tickets. Planning trips are very important to have peace of mind and enjoy a stress free vacation.

So last April 27, Air Asia invited Visayas and Mindanao bloggers to an exclusive foodie afternoon at Azia Suites in Cebu City. Yes, you got it right, I went to Cebu City for a food-tasting event of AirAsia's inflight foods they actually serve to passengers 35,000 ft. above ground.

“We are proud to say, we are the only domestic airline company that serves halal food. This is our way of showing we respect culture,” said Atty. Joy Caneba, AirAsia Philippines CEO."For a good flight, we need good food,” she also said. 
Best part of Air Asia foods are the Hot Meals which include Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak, Beef Caldereta, and Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice.

One of Philippines' finest cuisine that consists of beef, cooked in tomato sauce and paste, a blend of garlic, bell peppers, onions and peppercorns that brings the dish to a well-flavored and exquisite taste. (Photo by Kenneth Ong)
Pak Nasser's NASI LEMAK
A traditional Malaysian favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chili sambal
and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, crunchy
groundnuts and half of a hard-boiled egg.
A Chinese Malaysian favourite of fluffy seasoned rice served with roast chicken and accompanied with Uncle Chin's special secret chili, ginger and garlic sauce.

Other AirAsia Inflight foods

There's also new hot meals - Korean beef steak and Honey-glazed soy chicken- available only for Korea and China Flights, at Php230 each.

Air asia serves sandwiches - Chicken Caesar Sandwich, Roasted Chicken Sandwich, and Kani Sandwich.

  • The Chicken Caesar Sandwich is savory grilled chicken breast filet with Caesar and honey mustard dressing with fresh greens. 
  • Roasted Chicken Sandwich is savory grilled chicken breast filet with Sun-dried and basil pesto sauce accompanied with fresh greens. 
  • Kani Sandwich another delicious and healthy offering on board. A delightful mixture of crab meat, and creamy mayonnaise and onions spread on whole wheat bread.

The Joy of Desserts
(Photo from Air Asia)
The dessert collection is called the Joy of Desserts in honour of the sweet tooth Atty. Joy Caneba, AirAsia Zest’s CEO, for the positive aura she exudes and advice she gives AirAsia Zest staff when they get stressed. Now that’s sweet! 

For flights less than 75 minutes will only serve snacks. To passengers who wants to enjoy hot meals onboard for short flights need to pre-book your meal 24hrs in advance and save up to 20% discount on the meal as compared to purchasing meals on board which is priced at Php200. Plus all pre-booked meals comes with 100ml mineral water. Take note that AirAsia with pre-booked meals will be served first.

So there you go, need we say more? Be sure to pre-book meals alongside purchasing tickets or if you already have a booking, you can still upgrade your flight with meals via the Manage Your Booking tab on the website or mobile app. #AirAsiaHotMeals

Again, Book your flights now @ airasia.com

Pre-book AirAsia Zest Hotmeals @ AirAsia.com via Manage My Booking

Like AirAsia Philippines Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines
Follow AirAsiaPH on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AirAsiaPH

AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly!
Buy before you fly! Pre-book your meals at airasia.com!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Experience the breath taking beauty of the majestic Tinuy-An Falls

On my second day at Surigao del Sur, this trip is supposed to be a solo backpacking adventure that started on Friday noon and supposed to finish on Saturday. But my husband who came from Manila to Davao that Friday travelled from Davao to Bislig via car Saturday morning to join me in my tour of Tinuy-An Falls and Enchanted River. Actually, I'm done touring Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River from 5 am until 12noon before he arrive. The good thing about it, I know already the condition of the places if its advisable to travel via car or just take also the tricycle (Habal-Habal).

 Tinuy-An Falls of Bislig City

Tinuy-an Falls is a three tier cascading waterfall (with a fourth tier hidden from view). It is Bislig's number one tourist attraction and one of the main attractions in the entire region of Surigao Del Sur. 

Its magnificent cascades are found in Burboanan, about 30 minutes ride (habal-habal) from Mangagoy, the center of trade and commerce in Bislig City. The falls themselves are around fifty five meters high and have a breathtaking width of 95 meters. Often called the Niagara Falls of the Philippines, it is said to be the widest falls in the country. (For more information about Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, kindly check their website: www.tinuyan-falls.com) 
My first trip to Tinuy-an was early morning of Saturday and it rain that night so there's no rainbow at the falls and the water is not clear. I didn't even swim and experienced the bamboo raft that time. 

However, on my second trip together with my husband on the next day, Sunday morning, we arrived riding a Habal-Habal at Tinuy-an's entrance around 7AM and I can see the rainbow at the falls which excited us a lot to go swimming. Ecstatic feeling to see up close the rainbow and going near thru the raft and feel the raging falls. 

We rented a life jacket Php 30/hour and the bamboo raft ride to the waterfalls for Php150 then the tourist guide offered the climb up the falls via a stairway.
the view from the top of the falls
At the 1st top layer of the falls
Tinuy-An falls fees & charges
There's also accommodations inside the Tinuy-an Falls so for our next trip, we are considering to avail the air-conditioned room for Php600.00
Open Cottages

Tables with Tents

HaBAl-Habal Contacts:

Kuya Loloy (09485750496 resides at Bislig, accept tours combining Enchanted River + Tinuy-an Falls for a standard rate of 1,500 pesos )


  •  I advice you start early going to Tinuy-An falls so you can have the place on your own and explore the area.
  •  You can bring your own food and rent an open cottage of tables with tents.
  •  Best to avail the bamboo raft ride and explore the 1st tier top layer of the falls and let the tourist guide take the photos for you.
  • If you go on weekend or holiday, be there early to avoid the huge number of tourists.
  • Entrance fee is Php 50.00 and you can rent a locker for your personal belongings for Php20.00
  • I suggest you ride a Habal-Habal instead of using your car going to Tinuy-An Falls.

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Check out this guide because this will benefit not just solo backpackers, but also families and friends planning on a land travel or road trip to Bislig city's main tourist attraction to Tinuy-An Falls located in Burboanan, Bislig City.